About Us

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Providing the Perfect Solution

Micro Current is a financial information technology firm dedicated to provide strategic solutions for public and private institutions to cope with the challenges of debt crises, real estate market bubbles, mass unemployment and post-disaster reconstruction.

The world is changing, knowledge acquisition, identifying new needs, and following the right trends are essential for turning challenges into opportunities.
To do this, we partner with clients to help develop new strategies, drive new market dynamics and apply new technologies.

In 2004, we invented an new financial product: Functional Asset Restructuring Options.
It will be able to avert future crises such as housing bubble bursts, mass unemployment from AI, competition associated with cheap foreign labour, and the debt crises endemic to the economic status quo, thereby creating new job opportunities, new assets and additional sources of government income without extra tax burden, ensuring long-term economic prosperity.

Some people blame high-risk lending and borrowing practices, burst real estate bubbles, and hefty deficit spending as the causes of the debt crisis. We however identified the root cause from economic theories and will use information technology to create a solution with minimal side effects.

No matter the challenge, we focus on providing perfect solutions to our clients.