Stop Virus Recession

The Root Of Debt Crisis
The Viscious Cycle


Debt Crisis is becoming worse! According to a latest IIF report , Global debt levels soared to a record high of $233 trillion in the third quarter of 2017, many people believe that another super financial crisis is coming.

There are three beliefs that prevent the economists and government officals from finding a way out from the viscious cycle:

  1. Belive Keynesian economic intervention to boost infrastructure
  2. Believe in J Curve Theory to boost export
  3. Believe in Black–Scholes modelus to hedge all risks

In the Information Age, mass data exchange makes it possible to challenge these three beliefs.

Two Types of Housing Bubbles
Mass Unemployment Trends

The bursted housing bubble, such as subprime mortgage crisis in US, and the floating bubble, such as the current one in Tran-Tasman countries which will eventually impact heavily on the economy.

The traditional asset restructuring methods can not meet the unique needs of current info society.

The Covid-19 lock downs have cost tens of millions people their incomes.In a long-term perspective,if the world can not find an effective solution,both AI and excessive overseas outsourcing can lead to more mass unemployment in the next decade.

Can blockchain technology provide a solution?


Global Markets Risks

Although the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite hit record highs,there are some negative signals in bond markets,Can we see a Sky-Scraping interest rate in the coming years?

Without production of any fortune or valid assets ,Can the bubbles keep flying high?

We Have A Solution

After many years research,we found a solution for these crises with minimizing side effects to boost employment,government incomes and real estate market without asset bubbles.

Because we tried to find the answers in information technology of this new age.

Any Challenges To Our Opinions