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The Coronavirus outbreak is having a huge negative effect on the global economy at present, it has wiped trillions of dollars from the global equity markets, but every cloud has a silver lining and this can be regarded as a great opportunity to utilize these negative conditions to create positive effects for the future.
Currently, many sovereign governments are planning their own stimulus packages for the Coronavirus crisis to prevent coming economy recessions in their countries. Some central banks have cut interest rates to combat an economic slowdown as they did in 2007 America subprime mortgage crisis and 2009 Euro zone debt crisis.

But in the information age,conventional fiscal tools have their limitations. Mainstream economist have not realized the potential of information technologies such as data mining, AI and machine learning in enabling sovereign fiscal policies.

Our Fin-Tech innovation, Functional Asset Restructuring Option will provide a perfect solution to stop the virus recession.

The deployment of our fin-tech product requires some assets to be restructured.Micro Current will start a global campaign for lobbying OECD governments to take some preliminary actions first and include the relevant asset restructure measures into their stimulus packages, it would create a trillion dollar market with at the least possible cost. Not only will this help to offset the negative economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic,keeping a good balance between rapid economy recovery and effective restriction in this unusual times, it will also provide a long-term solution for the sovereign debt crisis.


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  • Prototype Display
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Idea Generation 100%
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Idea Screening 100%
First Introduction Website
First Introduction Website 100%
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Concept Testing 100%
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Business Analysis 95%
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Second Promotion Website 95%
Prototype Crowdordering Platform
Prototype Crowdordering Platform 85%
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Set Website Membership 75%
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Crowdfunding Campaign 5%
FARO Interactive Trading Platform
FARO Interactive Trading Platform 5%
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Functional Asset Assessment App 5%
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FARO Machine Learning
FARO Machine Learning 5%