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Combat Coronavirus Recession


How to combat Coronavirus Recession?

  • Did you loose a job from Coronavirus? 
  • Is your airline in trouble?         
  • Have you lost money in a recent stock crash?
  • Are you looking for a solution  for your business in Coronavirus?

Our Fin-Tech Innovation Can Help You!

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How to combat Coronavirus recession?The coronavirus outbreak is having a huge negative effect on the global economy at present, it has wiped trillions of dollars from the global equity markets, but every cloud has a silver lining and this can be regarded as a great opportunity to utilize these negative conditions to create positive effects for the future.

Currently, many sovereign governments are planning their own stimulus packages for the coronavirus crisis to prevent economy recessions.
The deployment of this fin-tech product requires some assets to be restructured, if two or three sovereign governments were to take these preliminary actions and include the relevant asset management measures into stimulus packages, it would create a billion dollar market. Not only will this help to offset the negative economic impacts of the coronavirus, it will provide a long-term solution for the sovereign debt crisis.

That’s why we want to start a crowdfunding campaign to promote the fin-tech product to free market governments such as OECD countries to raise awareness for the applications of this new financial instrument and the importance of the corresponding asset restructuring.Please find our project route map:

Project Route Map